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please answer questions 3-6 on the attached docume...




please answer questions 3-6 on the attached document. I have already completed questions 1-2. Thank you.,I resubmitted it with increasing the cost to $50. Can you see it?,I only see answers 4-6 here. It was supposed to be questions 3-6. Is there an extra one I'm not seeing? Thanks! Andrea,I have one other question...I see on question six that was answered, that I am missing 4.4 on question 6. 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 are answered, but not 4.4. It is asking about a subsidy of 7,000, but nothing is there.,I apologize. I saw that you had sent me two different files, but when I went to open one of them, it went straight to the excel sheet. I thought I had received two of the same file. Thank you soooo much!!!! This is my last class, and I will have my bachelor's degree. This is supposed to be a marketing class. We have never been asked a math problem. For some reason, I open this exam and see these. I was so lost. Thanks for the help!,Quick question...will the document you sent me be available to the public? The reason I ask is because I have to use turnitin for me assignment. A little scared of plagiarism. I have never needed a site like this before.


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