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Guidelines for Country Case Report Students are required to do one short Country Case Report, which will count toward the final grade. Country Case Report is worth a maximum total of 100, and each report will contribute to 25% of a student?s final grade. The country case reports require a student to select a country of his/her choice (except the US, China, India, Japan, and Mexico) to examine the politics of globalization in that particular country. The written reports should develop and present a position about the politics of globalization for the selected country, and should address the expectations for critical thinking as specified in the grading scheme and in the UH Critical Thinking Rubric 2009. Technical Requirements: ? The minimum requirement is 5 pages (double space with 12 font, Times New Roman, with one inch margins). Maximum is 8 pages (double space). The cover page (e.g., your name and course), bibliography page, and/or any table/figure will not count toward the report?s page requirement. ? Provide proper citations. All students must include a separate bibliography page at the end of their paper. For citations/bibliography, please use MLA citing style. ? Use scholarly sources ONLY. Please do not use sources such as Wikipedia; they are not considered legitimate sources. ? Minimum of 5 scholarly sources. ? Students will turn in an electronic copy through, which will be available on Blackboard Vista. ? No username/password is required in submitting to Blackboard?s ? Students who successfully submit their country case report on time will receive a confirmation number from Blackboard?s ? Not receiving a confirmation number means that students did not submit their report on time. Save your confirmation number. Country Case Report (Due before midnight on 11/3) This report will allow the students to learn about the theories/concepts of globalization, the role of global cities and the competitive advantage of nations, globalization?s non-polarity, the geopolitics of scarce natural resources, and the role of domestic politics on outsourcing and its affect on the financial recovery. You should include the following in the report: 1. Whether the philosophy/foreign policy of (Your Selected Country) can best be described as Liberalism, Critical, or Mercantilism; on whether the patterns of globalization support the hyperglobalist, sceptics, or transformationalist view; and whether the country?s winners and losers from the process of globalization are represented through the NIE, the SPG, the Outliers, or Feminist Economics perspective. 2. How developed (Your Selected Country) is in regard to the concept of global cities and the competitive advantage of nations; how the country has adjusted to the age of nonpolarity (numerous centers with meaningful power); and whether the relations between the state and corporations in the country can be described as market-oriented capitalism, collective capitalism, social market capitalism, or state capitalism. 3. Whether or how (Your Selected Country) has managed or has been altered because of the new geopolitics of energy or other scarce natural resources (i.e., water, etc); how does the country?s domestic politics view outsourcing and whether it will affect the country?s financial recovery; and whether the country has solved or has been impeded by the puzzle of economic development. Grading Criteria Details Each report should ? Develop and present a position about the politics of globalization for the selected country ? Be responsive to the requirements of the 3 questions/issues specified in each report (a total of 75 points, with 25 points for each of the 3 questions), and address the expectations for critical thinking as specified on the grading scheme form and in the UH Critical Thinking Rubric 2009. ? Meet the technical requirements: ? minimum page requirement (5 points) ? minimum of 5 scholarly sources (a total of 15 points, with 3 points for each of the 5 sources) ? Be well organized (5 points): the written report should be organized as a unified essay in which the position is presented and developed in paragraphs and/or sections that flow logically though the three specific topical requirements to reach a justified conclusion. ? Students whose country case report contains plagiarism (i.e., level of plagiarism that arises above 40 percent) will warrant UH sanctions. If you have questions regarding plagiarism, consult with UH Writing Center, which is located in 217 Agnes Arnold. Students are not allowed to use past reports from INTB 3353 for this assignment. ? Before submitting your Country Case Report, you can send a draft of your report to in order to check for plagiarism level. You can only submit your draft one time to


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