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Tutor please use your expertise and comment of this post I believe that Harley Davidson is the top marketer in this case. Harley has been around for a lot longer. That sustainability is a big deal. I am not saying that Lady Gaga hasn?t accomplished some great things in a relatively short amount of time, but I think it is important to see how long she sticks around. Also, I think some of her ideas could be traced to what Harley has been doing for years. They created an owners club to celebrate their current customers. They rely heavily on their current owners spreading the word of how great their product is. They want people to see their owners on Harley?s and get that feeling that they are missing out on something. I think that is what Lady Gaga is trying to accomplish also. As was mentioned in the interview, Lady Gaga goes in to the chat room on her website and interacts with fans. These fans go to other people and tell them how great it was, and the people they are telling feel like they are missing out on something. Also, I believe the markets are entirely different between the two companies. Being in the music business, Lady Gaga has to worry about a lot more competition, and a lot more volatility. At the same time her fans can also be fans of other artists. Not many people can afford to own a Harley and another brand. It is hard to compare the two because the products are so different. I feel Harley has been around longer, and has been using similar marketing techniques as Lady Gaga. I do believe she is taking a different approach than other singers, but she is using techniques that have already been successful to other companies. Her audience is also relatively young in age and may outgrow her music. I believe she will have to continue to market herself to a new set of teenagers.


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