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Dear Tutor can you use your business expertise and comment of this post , the post must be a min. of 120 words Thank you. The marketing principles employed by Lady Gaga are absolutely transferable to B2B markets. The principle I believe provides the most value is ?focus on your one percenters.? Lady Gaga spends most of her efforts on just 1% of her audience because that is what differentiates her from other artists and why she is much more successful. Not many people focus on this principle because they are so focused on attaining new customers. Yes, attaining new customers is great but you cannot forget how you became successful or where you came from and who got you there. Lady Gaga has been loyal to her ?crazies? from the beginning and they are her biggest marketers! In my current sales position, we use the same 80/20 rule Jackie Huba discusses in her podcast. It translates as 80% of the business comes from 20% of your customers. Because of this, I focus on that 20% and continue to build relationships with them. This proves my loyalty to them and shows how much I appreciate their business. These customers are very influential and I attain new business from word of mouth by these 20% customers.


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