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DUE DATE: Feb 22, 2013 at 7:00 am ENG 315: Professional Communications Please do not take too long to confirm, I will appreciate it. Assignment: FORMAL JUSTIFICATION REPORT Write a 4 to 6 report pages (not including the table of contents, transmittal form,executive summary, title page and reference page) Note: I just attached 1 scan right here, the remaining attachments (scans) will be attached one by one in a bit later, because I cannot attach more than one on this posting. Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS very careful, since unfortunately a few professors do not read carefully, and do not provide a good work. PLAGIARISM is NOT ACCEPTED, please DOUBLE check for plagiarism, since I will not accept a plagiarized job. The last assignment was entirely plagiarized, and I had a hard time, it was a big headache! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please see below a pretty good website for plagiarism, or check on any other GOOD plagiarism checker you might have. Please include "IN TEXT CITATIONS" Please use SHORT "in text citations" to support your own words/answers. And enclosed with " ". This way I can know where the "in text citations" START and where it END. Also, if applicable, please include page # (pg. 2) or paragraph # (para. 4), Volume #, etc. Example of "in text citation" "The evidence is a basic as the terra preta do indio, or India Black Earth" (Glick, 2007, para. 4) NOTE: Make sure to use SHORT "in text citations" to support your own words/answers. Some professors use long citations and few of own words, this is NOT acceptable, since is not providing a quality work, so please when explaining in your own words the short citation, please make sure your explanation/question is well explained (I think around a half of page would be fine) , please explain clear, precise, concise, and detailed. Unfortunately, I have the bad experience of professors in course hero that use long in text citations with only a few of own words, and the result for this is a very low grade, and this is not acceptable. Please INCLUDE A REFERENCE page, and please note that cover page and reference page are not included in the required page length. All info in the reference page need to be included: For example: If applicable, page #, paragraph #, volume #, etc. Example of Reference: Glick, D. (2007, February 10). Bio-char sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems?A review [Electronic mailing list message]. retrieved from


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