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"300 or less word limit.(if needed) You asked:...




"300 or less word limit.(if needed) You asked: "Answer should be 2 to 3 paragraph long or as deemed needed. no word limit.Please be detailed. Thank you. Q 1: Explain why do you think businesses internationalize? Which forces are most important or influencial and which are secondary forces to consider? Cite some examples. organized and be specific. Q 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using home-country, host country, and third country nationals? Under what specific circumstances might an organization choose to utilize third-country materials? Expalin thouroughly your answer in every case Thank you,sorry sent the wrong question, These are the questions: Q 1: Describe the procedures required to file a discrimination lawsuit under the disparate impact and desparate treatment theories.How is adverse impact determined? Provide a scenario illustrtaing evidence of adverse imapct in an employmnet decisison? Explain clearly. Q 2: Based on your reading of the EEO laws, what information should an employer include in a personnel policies and procedures manuual or handbook given to all employees? Be specific and state in bullet format. 200 or less word limit. 2 to 3 paragraph if needed. Thank you


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