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Traditional Case 10: Phoenix Organic: Valuing Sust...




Traditional Case 10: Phoenix Organic: Valuing Sustainability While Desiring Growth (pg 443) 1. Case Summary: In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. 2. Case Analysis: A.) Discuss Phoenix Organic's approach to strategic decision making, with an emphasis on strategies that both generate profits and contribute to the firms social concerns. What trade-offs exist with the firms profit objectives and its social concerns? B.) Discuss the current strategic alternatives presented in the case, including new products, new channels, and new markets. 3.) Application: Suppose you have been hired as a consultant to make strategic recommendations for Phoenix Organic. Complete a SWOT analysis for the firm using information presented in the case. Construct a SW/OT matrix and generate strategic alternatives. You can present the SWOT and SW/OT details in paragraph format or you can supplement your response with a graphic in a Word document if you prefer. Evaluate the pros and cons of the alternatives you developed and recommend a course of action for the firm.


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