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Please complete the question as soon as possible. Outcome should include Form 1040 and all necessary schedules. Any software can be used as long as it produces a PDF file for completion.,Are you able to complete this using whatever software you desire and still produce the solution in pdf format?,Ok, please let me know as soon as possible whether you will be able to complete it in time and correctly. Time is of the essence. Thank you!,At this point, I need to know whether you are indeed working on a solution for me or are simply "Evaluating it" to see if you want to actually do it. This is the time I would be spending doing it and I cannot sacrifice not doing assuming you will be. Please respond with a "I am currently working on it and will have it to you by the due day" (tonight around 10pm) or "I am still evaluating whether or not I can complete it. Thanks. This is a big help. I am just confused with your last response as to whether you are working on it or deciding if you are going to work on it. Thanks.


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