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Please read the instructions very carefully and fo...




Please read the instructions very carefully and follow everything that is says. It is VERY important that you follow every single direction that is given. The length of the assignment cannot be specified. As long as all of the questions are fully and clearly answered it is fine. The only question that requires specific length is question 6. The details are included in the attachment. The last time I sent you the assignment you said the charge will be $60. Thanks.,Dear Tutor, The project is worth 50 points. If I get over 46 of the 50 points I will be glad to give you an additional $20 as a thank you.,Dear Tutor, My assignment was due 10/3/2011 at 12pm,The due date that appears in the due date as 9/3/2012 is WRONG. The due date was supposed to be 10/3/2011. Can you please finish my assignment by 10/5/2011. Please let me know as soon as possible.,Dear Tutor, In the directions it says include a copy of all the financial statements and related investment footnotes. In the attachement this information is missing. In addition, question 6 should be longer. The two paragraphs are small. Please do the necessary changes and send me an assignment that will contain all of the requirements described in the directions. Thanks.,Also in question 5 the answer is incomplet. For example, it asks what information is provided by the disclosure and there is no answer to it. Please go over every question because the answers must be detailed and not general. Thanks.,The financial statements, the footnotes and the answers to the questions must be in the same document. Please go over everything I stated above and resubmit a complete project ready to hand in. The assignment must be turned in. Please complete it as soon as possible. Thanks,Dear Tutor, I HAVE REQUESTED CHANGES IN THE PROJECT YOU HAVE SENT ME. NOT ONLY YOU DIDN'T DO THE CHANGES BUT THE ATTACHMENT YOU HAVE SENT ME HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ASSIGNMENT. PROBABLY YOU HAVE SENT ME SOMEBODY'S ELSE. I WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT SEEMS YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I REQUEST. ONCE AGAIN THE ANSWERS ARE INCOMPLETE. I WILL NOT REPEAT THE SAME THING. YOU HAVE ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS. I MADE IT VERY CLEAR IN THE BEGINNING THAT YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY. ONCE AGAIN, THE SUPPOSEDLY REVISED ATTACHMENT THAT YOU HAVE SENT ME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ASSIGNMENT. I THOUGHT I WOULD RECEIVE HELP BUT I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY.,Also I need to know where you found the 10k report you have sent me since the one in Edgar is different than the one you sent.,Dear Tutor, You have said that my assignment needs more time and attention. You have sent me a revised version but I am still not satisfied. I won't get into details because I repeat myself. If you wonder what needs to be changed read the instructions again and answer fully and properly the questions and please try not to make grammar errors. If you go over the assignment you will realize that some sentences don't make sense...for example "The investments are specified as comparative balance sheet are" or "The shareholder?s equity section shows unrealized gain on available for sale securities as net CHAIN in unrealized gain from available for sale secuTities as $102". You are the expert and I trusted you my assignment. I will provide you with more time as you requested. You have time until October 2, 2011, 3pm. Please go over all of the questions and fully answer them. This is a project for an advanced class not a simple homework. Thanks.,The correct date is October 7 (next Friday), 2011, 3pm,Dear Tutor, I replied at 10/5/2011 at 10:02pm and I told you that although you have sent me a revised version I am not satisfied. Did you read what I wrote in my previous reply? Most likely you didn't because you are sending me the exact same document without any changes. For the last time I will please ask you to go over the directions and fully and properly answer the questions. I don't understand why it is so difficult to communicate with you. I reply but you don't pay attention to my replies. Please provide me with a competent project. Thanks


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