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Introductory Biology




Introductory Biology;1. If one side of a DNA molecule is TAC CCA GCC TTA ACT AAG, the other side of the DNA molecule would be)list the letters in order with a space between each 3 letters. (Points: 1);Question 2.2. If a DNA molecule template is TAC CCA GCC TTA ACT AAG, the mRNA that would form from this template would begin with what codon? Show the first codon only. (Points: 1);Question 3.3. When DNA assimilates a mRNA chain, it is known as ___. (Points: 1);Question 4.4. What do you expect to happen immeditately after DNA codes the mRNA? (Points: 1);The mRNA becomes a protein.;The mRNA leaves the nucleus to begin translation at a ribosome.;tRNA brings the amino acids to the nucleus to begin protein synthesis.;The mRNA leaves the nucleus and goes to the Golgi body to be transformed.;Question 5.5. If mRNA is AUG AUU CCU AAA UGA UGG, the tRNA formed would be: (Points: 1);TAC TAA GGA TTT ACT ACC;AUC UAA GGA UUU UCA UCC;TAC TAA GGA TTT ACT ACC;UAC UAA GGA UUU ACU ACC;Question 6.6. What is carried by tRNA? (Points: 1);codons;amino acids;ribosomes;base pairs;Question 7.7. The 3 base pairs of mRNA which indicate a specific amino acid are called the __. (Points: 1)


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