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Please Help! I only need the last part of the second question and I need it ASAP!;Attachment Preview;Blank Lab Report.docx Download Attachment;Name;Biol 1009;LabExercise7:MorphogenesisofInsects;Instructions: Using complete sentences, write the report indicated below and respond to the questions;from lab exercise 7. For more information about each question, see the lab manual.;1. In a one- or two-page report, summarize the development of this insect. Include the number and;duration of each instar stage and the time of emergence of the adult.;2. Answer the following questions relating to this exercise.;a. Which stage in the milkweed life cycle is depicted in Figure 1?;b. What other animals besides insects have external skeletons? Which have internal skeletons?;c. Based on your experience, describe the development of the human from infant to adult. Are there;stages similar to instars, or is the development much too gradual to identify specific stages?;Other Requirements: Relate the answer to the instar stages of milkweed bugs


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