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Biology concept, Kingdom Survey




lab 10.html Download Attachment;Nov 03 2014;Logged in as: MAJ2048469;PLEASE NOTE: Rio Salado College uses software that uncovers plagiarism from student to student and;other data sources on the Internet. If a student is found to have plagiarized content, grade consequences;will be applied in accordance with departmental policies.;Introduction;BIO100;Biology Concepts;Lab 10: Kingdom Survey;ATTENTION: DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT until you have answered every question! Scroll down to;access questions.;This assesment is worth 100 points.;Question;1 of 1;1. Identify the shape and Gram reaction of the bacterium shown above. (4 points)--Answer.;AND;2. Name three bacteria (scientific names) and the diseases they cause in humans. (6 point;diseasec. Name and disease--Answer below;AND.;3. Are members of the kingdom Eubacteria single-celled or multicellular? (2 points)--Answ.;AND;4. State two beneficial uses of bacteria. (4 points)a.b.--Answer below:.;AND;5. Name three protista (scientific names) and the diseases they cause in humans. (6 point;diseasec. Name and disease--Answer below;AND.;6. Do all members of the kingdom Protista possess flagella?.;AND;Explain briefly. (4 points)-;7. Were the diatoms observed under the virtual microscope alive or dead?;(2 points)--A.;AND;8.;State three industrial uses of Fungi. (6 points)a.b.c.--Answer below:.;AND;9. What are the haploid reproductive structures of Fungi called? (1 point)--Answer below:.;AND;10. a. What is the name of the reproductive structure observed above that is found in so;an example of a fungal species that uses this reproductive structure. (2 points)--Answer;AND.;11. Identify the following components on the images above: plant type (monocot or dicot);vascular bundles. (6 points)A.B.C.D.E.F.--Answer below;AND.;12. View the image above of primary growth of a root.;points)A.B.C.D.E.F.--Answer below;Identify each structure indicated;AND.;13. What did the celery look like on each of the following days? (6 points)a..;AND;Day 1b.;D;14. What is the name for the type of plants that use flowers as their reproductive struct.;AND;15. Using the image above, identify each structure of the flower as indicated..;AND;(5 point;16. What type of venation do most monocots have? (2 points)--Answer below:.;AND;17. Identify the venation of the plant leaf seen above. (4 points)--Answer below:.;AND;18.;Name a plant root and a plant stem often consumed. (2 points)a.;Rootb.;Stem--Answe.;AND;19.;List the distinguishing characteristics of the Animalia kingdom. (6 points)a.b.c.d.e.;AND;20. Describe one way that animals are classified. (2 points)--Answer below:.;AND;21. (Application) How might the information gained from this lab pertaining to the variou;or how can the student apply this knowledge to everyday life as a non-scientist? (20 poin;I affirm that this assignment is my original work. It has not been copied from another person, the Internet;a textbook, or any other source.;Submit


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