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Genetic Variation




Note: In the following experiments on gene pool, gene frequency, and genetic;diversity, assume there are four alleles for color and that they are all;homologous.;Experiment 1: Genetic Variation;Genetic variation is simply the genetic difference within or between populations;in the gene pool and/or gene frequency.;Consider the following two populations of butterflies (Figure 2);Figure 2: Butterfly populations.;Assumptions: Both populations contain the same four colors of butterflies, thus;the gene pool is the same. However, the distribution of colors within that;population is different, thus their gene frequencies are different.;Materials;Blue Beads;Red Beads;Green Beads;Yellow Beads;(2) 100 mL Beakers;(2) 250 mL Beakers;Procedure;2013 eScience Labs;LLC.;All Rights Reserved;1. Pour 50 blue beads and 50 red beads into a 250 ml beaker. Without;looking, randomly take 50 beads from the 250 mL beaker and place them;in a 100 mL beaker (this is beaker #1).;2. Pour 50 green beads and 50 yellow beads into a second 250 mL beaker.;Without looking, randomly take 20 beads from the 250 mL beaker and;place them in the other 100 mL beaker (this is beaker #2).;Note: When done, return beads to their respective beakers (1 or 2) for use;in the next experiment.;Post-Lab Questions;1. What is the gene pool of beaker #1?;2. What is the gene pool of beaker #2?;3. What is the gene frequency of beaker #1?;4. What is the gene frequency of beaker #2?;5. What can you say about the genetic variation between these populations?


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