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Lab Safety Procedures




1. What should you always wear to protect your eyes when you are in the chemistry;laboratory?;2. Should you add acid to water or water to acid?;3. Where should you dispose of broken glass?;4. What should you do if you spill a chemical on your hand?;Experiment 1;For directions click on Experiment 1, Neutrialization of Acids and Bases;Procedure in your lab manual.;While conducting the experiment, fill in the table (2) below;Weight Boat;Chemical;Contents;Litmus Results;A;B;C;Neutralization of an Acid (table 3);Amount Of Base;1 mL;2 mL;Page 1 of 4;Litmus Results;Additional;Observations;3 mL;4 mL;5 mL;Page 2 of 4;Post-Lab Questions;1. State your hypothesis (developed in Step 8) here. Be sure to include what you think the pH;will be, and why.;2. What is a neutralization reaction?;3. When might neutralization reactions be used in a laboratory setting?;Page 3 of 4;4. At what point was the acetic acid in weigh boat C neutralized?


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