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Medicolegal forensic entomology




1. Define medicolegal forensic entomology. (Points: 1);Question 2.2. A body is found with blowfly larvae that is 17 mm long, (use the blowfly life cycle link to estimate) how long has the body been at this location? (Remember to consider the egg stage) (Points: 1);3.5 days;5.5 days;9 days;18 days;18-20 days;Question 3. 3. What makes a blowfly larvae identified as a prepupa? (Points: 1);Question 4. 4. What is the succession of insects that is used to estimate time of death of a cadavar?;(Points: 2);Question 5. 5. How might Malathion taken in a suicide affect time of death prediction using insects? (Points: 2);Question 6.6. Using the following chart, considering an X to mean the presence of and 0 to be the absenence of six different taxa(types of insects), what is the approximate time the body has been decaying if Taxa C, E and F are all found on the body? Note that an x means that species is present, 0 means it isn't found on the body.;Day #;1 day;2 days;3 days;4 days;5 days;6 days;7 days;8 days;9 days;10 days;Taxa;A;0;0;x;x;x;X;0;0;0;0;B;0;0;0;O;O;x;x;0;0;0;C;0;0;0;0;x;x;x;x;0;0;D;0;0;x;x;x;x;x;X;0;0;E;0;0;0;0;0;0;x;x;x;x;F;0;0;0;0;0;x;x;x;0;0;(Points: 1);Approximately 5-8 days;Around 3 -days 5;Somewhere around 7-8 days;somewhere around 7-10 days;Question 7. 7. Finally, how is analyzing the crime scene for entomological evidence an example of using the scientific method? Give examples from the above assignment. (Points: 2)


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