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Other threats to cause a decline in native Missouri prairies




Aside from the introduction of non-native (exotic) species, what are (or were) other threats to cause a decline in native Missouri prairies?;TABLE 1;Type;# native;# exotic;total;Tree;42;7;49;Shrub;24;3;27;Woody vine;12;1;13;Herbaceous vine;5;0;5;Perennial forb;260;18;278;Biennial forb;14;12;26;Annual forb;94;27;121;Perennial grass;49;9;58;Annual grass;13;15;28;Perennial sedge;39;0;39;Annual sedge;5;0;5;fern;6;0;6;563;92;655;Totals;Table 1 modified from Ladd, D., Churchwell, B. (1999). Ecological and floristic assessment of Missouri Prairie;Foundation lands. Retrieved 2/27/12 from;TYPE THE ANSWER HERE;1. Based on the table above, what percentage of;grassland species are exotic?;2. You calculated the percentage of exotic species in;protected Missouri grasslands in question 1. After;reading ?Exotic Species,? would you say this number;is acceptable? Why or why not? Support your answer;with researched evidence using APA citations.;3. One factor that leads to a decline in biodiversity is the;introduction of exotic (a.k.a. non?native species).;However, most species that are introduced to an area;do not become established. What are some;characteristics of species that might make them adapt;Page 2 of 3;well in a new habitat? Support your answer with;researched evidence using APA citations.;4. Aside from the introduction of non?native (exotic);species, what are (or were) other threats to cause a;decline in native Missouri prairies? Support your;answer with researched evidence using APA citations.;5. Biodiversity in Missouri?s protected grasslands is;greater than the biodiversity in unprotected;grasslands. In general, how are grasslands managed;to maintain a higher biodiversity than unprotected;grasslands? Support your answer with researched;evidence using APA citations.;6. What mammal was reintroduced to Dunn Ranch;Prairie in northwest Missouri? When? Why?;Support your answer with researched evidence using;APA citations.;In Figure 1 (below), the changes in plant diversity are shown over time for native and invasive plants. These data were;collected in a prairie in Illinois called Fermilab Plot 1.;Page 3 of 3;TYPE THE ANSWER HERE;7. For Figure 1, hypothesize (make an educated;statement) about why there was an increase in native;plant diversity in 2008. Support your answer with;researched evidence using APA citations.;8. Several factors may underestimate the biodiversity;actually present in a grassland. These factors include;time of year the survey is done. Formulate a;hypothesis about how this factor might affect the;accuracy of the data collected.;9. Examine the data given to you (Tables 1a and 1b).;Does the data support or refute your hypothesis?;10. Justify your answer.


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