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WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENTS;Chapter 11 ? Training and Development: The Backbone of Motivation and Retention;QUESTIONS;1.What is the relationship of orientation, training, and staff development to motivation?;2.Identify the specific content of the orientation program for which the department manager;is responsible.;3. Describe in detail your understanding of the differences between ?on-the-job training? and;?mentoring.?;4.Compare and contrast what you see as the relative advantages and disadvantages of;sending employees for educational experiences externally versus providing as much;education as possible in-house.;Chapter 12 ? Authority, Leadership, and Supervision;QUESTIONS;1. Describe the concept of informal authority and state how this differs from formal authority.;2. What is to be gained by including employees in the manager?s decision-making process whenever practical?;3. How can job knowledge or technical expertise be a form of power or authority?;4. What is the principle advantage of mentoring?;5. What is?or should be?the primary purpose of the overwhelming majority of disciplinary processes?;6. What is the essential difference between power and influence?


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