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Prepare an analysis paper not to exceed TWO pages single-spaced. Please follow the Q&A format in preparing your responses.




This is an unformatted preview. Please download the attached document for the original format.;Prepare an analysis paper not to exceed TWO pages single-spaced.;Please follow the Q&A format in preparing your responses.;1.;A company used three different selection methods to select entry level business process;analyst: 1. Structured interviews (validity coefficient 0.62) 2. Mental Ability Test;(validity coefficient 0.54) 3. Work sample (validity coefficient 0.50). A total of 120 job;applicants were given the test and they hired 25 applicants for the position. The;intelligence test cost the company $22 per person, the work sample test costs the;company $40 per person, and the structured interviews cost the company $55 per;person. The standardized score (z-score) of the 25 applicants (selected for the position);on the intelligence test was 0.72, structured interviews 0.82, and for work sample test;0.63. The standard deviation of job performance expressed in dollars for the 25;applicants was $8,000. Given this data, calculate the utility of the three different selection;methods and make recommendation to the company as to which one they should use for;the future. Assume that 200 applicants applied for the job instead of 120 and the;company hired 25 of the 200. What happens to the utility using these different methods?;Show your calculations as an appendix (this does not count towards the 2 pages limit).;The formula for utility is: Ns*rxy*SDy*Zx-Nt(C) where;Ns = Number of applicants selected for the position;rxy = Validity coefficient of the selection method;SD = Standard deviation of job performance expressed in dollar terms;y;Z = Average test score of those selected expressed in standardized unit (z-scores);Nx = Total number of applicants;t;C = Cost of assessing each applicant;2.;A company sells consumer products like soaps and detergents using door-to-door sales.;That is, salesmen make calls at homes, demonstrate their products, sell and collect;payment on the spot. As the manager of the company, you are wondering the best way to;assess the performance of the salesmen. That is, how to assess, what to assess, when to;assess, who should be involved in the rating, etc. Discuss how you would implement a;performance appraisal system for the outside salespeople in terms of the above;challenges?;3. A local oil and gas company in Houston hires the following categories of employees: 1.;Petroleum Engineers at all levels (entry level, senior level, middle-management level;etc.). 2. Clerical employees (entry level only). 3. Senior management staff (both;internal and external searches are done). The company employs about 3,000 employees;in the Houston area. The company is interested in revising its compensation package to;be externally competitive. They want to conduct their own market survey of wages and;benefits paid by the competitors. Help them identify the relevant labor market;competitors, and the key areas they should focus on in designing the survey. Note that I;do not expect an actual survey but the areas they should cover in terms of whom to;survey, what to survey, and where to survey.;4. A hospital is interested in conducting ethics training for its employees (doctors;receptionists, medical assistants, etc.,). Discuss how you would go about doing the;training in terms of what should be covered, who would conduct the trai


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