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A four- to six-page paper exploring an advanced project management topic is due. Show the potential benefits of EVM as well as its limitations. I woul




Part 1: A four- to six-page paper exploring an advanced project management topic is due. Show the potential benefits of EVM as well as its limitations. I would like to do a comprehensive study which delves into concepts, implementation, and organizational/project value and limitations.;This is an unformatted preview. Please download the attached document for the original format.;Objectives;Back to Top;Project management has been a rapidly evolving field since its inception centuries ago. For project;managers, doing the next project better than the current one has been a concern of paramount;interest since project managers oversaw the building of the pyramids in Egypt. The objective of this;Course Project is to explore one advanced practice area in the likely evolution of project;management and, based on this area, explore where you feel project management will be in 5 years.;We call this a study in advanced practices in project management.;Some topics that have emerged in advanced project management over the last few years are listed;below.;Which will survive, BIS or PM?;What impact will agile have on traditional project management?;Which is more critical to an organization, traditional risk management or financial risk;management?;Is agile or traditional project management a better long-term solution?;You need to find an area of interest in advanced project management, develop a paper on this topic;and explore how this topic will impact project management over the next 5 years.;Guidelines;Back to Top;This project is in two parts. Both parts of the project are due Week 5. The following deliverables are;due for this project.;Part 1: A six- to eight-page paper exploring an advanced project management topic is due.;This topic will need to be approved by your professor by the end of Week 2.;Part 2: A four- to six-page paper exploring how the above advanced project management;topic will impact project management as a profession over the next 5 years is also due.;Milestones;Grading Rubrics;Back to Top;Category;Points %;Development of advanced project;management topic;40;33%;40;33%;Development of advanced project;management topic on the future of;Description;Category;Points %;Description;project management;Documentation and formatting;15;12.5%;Organization and cohesiveness;15;12.5%;Editing;10;9%;Total;120;100;A quality paper will meet or;exceed all of the above;requirements.;Best Practices;Back to Top;Below are best practices in preparing this paper.;Cover page: Include who you prepared the paper for, who prepared it, and the date.;Table of contents: List the main ideas and sections of the paper and the pages where they;are located. Illustrations should be included separately.;Introduction: Use a header on your paper. This will indicate that you are introducing the;paper.;The purpose of an introduction or opening is to;1. introduce the subject and why the subject is important;2. preview the main ideas and the order in which they will be covered, and;3. establish the tone of the document.;Include in the introduction a reason for the audience to read the paper. Also, include an;overview of what you will cover and the importance of the material. (This should include or;introduce the questions you are asked to answer in each assignment.);Body of the report: Use a header with the name of the project. An example is, "The;Development of Hotel X: A World-Class Resort." Proceed to break out the main ideas. State;the main ideas and the major points of each idea, and provide evidence. Show some type of;division, such as separate, labeled sections, separate groups of paragraphs, or headers.;Include the information you found during your research and investigation.;Summary and conclusion: Summarizing is similar to paraphrasing but presents the gist of;the material in fewer words than the original. An effective summary identifies the main ideas;and the major support points from the body of the report, minor details are left out.;Summarize the benefits of the ideas and how they affect the subject.;Work cited: Use the citation format specified in the Syllabus.;Additional hints on preparing the best possible project are below.;1. Apply a three-step process to writing: plan, write, and complete.;2. Prepare an outline of the research paper before going forward.;3. Complete a first draft, and then go back to edit, evaluate, and make any changes required.;4. Use visual communication to further clarify and support the written part of the report.;Examples include graphs, diagrams, photographs, flowcharts, maps, drawings, animation;video clips, pictograms, tables, and Gantt charts.


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