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Efforts to educate the public about HIV and AIDS




Despite efforts to educate the public about HIV and AIDS, a surprising number of myths still exist. These myths include;HIV is only transmitted through sexual contact or needle sharing;Heterosexuals cannot contract HIV;There is a cure for HIV infection - it just hasn?t been released yet;HIV cannot be detected for months or years after exposure;People can catch HIV via water fountains and door knobs;HIV positive individuals cannot infect others;HIV is invariably fatal;Choose 2 of the myths listed above, and debunk them from an immunological perspective. What have you learned about HIV that can offer some insight?;Describe an additional myth not listed above about HIV that has been popular over the years. Do you think that most people still believe this myth today? Why or why not?;In your opinion, why do so many myths still exist regarding HIV and AIDS?;Other Requirements: 150 word response


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