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Movement of water molecules from a low concentration of solute to a high concentration of solute?




1.What process is defined as the net movement of water molecules from a low concentration of solute to a high concentration of solute?;(a)osmosis;(b)co-transport;(c)dynamic equilibrium;(d)active transport;(e)None of the answers are correct.;2.Which of the following statements is true about what will happen to cells depending on tonicity?;(a)Turgor pressure pushes a plant cell membrane against the cell wall in hypotonic solution.;(b)Turgor pressure pushes a plant cell membrane against the cell wall in hypertonic solution.;(c)Animal cells become flaccid in isotonic solution.;(d)Plasmolysis of plant cells occurs in hypotonic solution.;(e)Plasmolysis of animal cells occurs in hypotonic solution.;3.What is the force that pushes a plant cell membrane against the cell wall?;(a)hypertonic pressure;(b)turgor pressure;(c)gravity;(d)membrane potential;(e)dynamic equilibrium;4.A beaker is divided by a membrane that is permeable to water and impermeable to sodium ions. The sodium-water solution on side A is more concentrated than the sodium-water solution on side B. Which of the following statements will be true when equilibrium is reached across the membrane?;(a)The absolute number of water molecules will be different on the two sides of the membrane.;(b)Equal numbers of water molecules will exist on each side of the membrane at equilibrium.;(c)Since the solute can't cross the membrane, the solution will not reach equilibrium.;(d)The solute will maintain the original concentration on both sides of the membrane.;(e)All answers are correct.;5.Complete the following sentence: The sodium-potassium pump transports...;(a)three sodium ions from the interior to the exterior of the cell and two potassium ions from the exterior to the interior.;(b)three sodium ions from the exterior to the interior of the cell and two potassium ions from the interior to the exterior.;(c)two sodium ions from the interior to the exterior of the cell and two potassium ions from the exterior to the interior;(d)two sodium ions from the interior to the exterior of the cell and three potassium ions from the exterior to the interior;(e)None of the answers are correct.;6.Which of the events below would likely allow the interior of a cell to become more negatively charged?;(a)A proton pump begins pumping protons out of the cell.;(b)Aquaporins open.;(c)A sodium-potassium pump starts pumping.;(d)Either a proton pump begins pumping protons out of the cell or a sodium-potassium pump starts pumping.;(e)All answers are correct.;7. In neurons, what signal will trigger membrane fusion of docked vesicles?;(a)calcium;(b)neurotransmitters;(c)exocytosis;(d)clathrin;(e)LDL;8. Which of the following would result in the ingestion of a wide variety of soluble nutrients from the environment?;(a)pinocytosis;(b)phagocytosis;(c)receptor-mediated endocytosis;(d)exocytosis;(e)All answers are correct.;9. What is chemotaxis?;(a)movement of chemicals across the membrane;(b)movement in response to a chemical stimulus;(c)movement of chemicals using receptor-mediated endocytosis;(d)movement of chemicals against their concentration gradient;(e)ingestion of materials through phagocytosis;10.Complete the following sentence: Cells without proper LDL receptors will...;(a)need to produce their own cholesterol.;(b)be unable to use cholesterol.;(c)be unable to produce cholesterol.;(d)ingest sufficient LDL from pinocytosis.;(e)be unable to release excess cholesterol.;11. What is the difference between pinocytosis and phagocytosis?;(a)the polarity of the molecule being ingested;(b)Only pinocytosis is used to ingest nutrients.;(c)Pinocytosis is used to ingest larger materials.;(d)Only phagocytosis is used to ingest nutrients.;(e)the size of the molecule being ingested;12. What would happen if a lysosome fused with a mitochondrion?;(a)The lysosome would be digested by the mitochondrion.;(b)The mitochondrion would be secreted out of the cell.;(c)The mitochondrion would be digested.;(d)Nothing would happen, lysosomes only digest foreign cells.;(e)The mitochondrion would absorb the lysosomal membrane.;13. Complete the following sentence: Rapidly growing cells would be performing...;(a)more endocytosis than exocytosis.;(b)more exocytosis than endocytosis.;(c)the same amounts of endocytosis and exocytosis.;(d)neither endocytosis or exocytosis.;(e)mainly phagocytosis.;14. What is the significance of distance in cell-to-cell communication?;(a)Types of signals can be defined according to the distance they travel to reach their targets.;(b)Neighboring cells can communicate with each other, while distant cells are unable to communicate with each other.;(c)Gap junctions allow transduction of the most distant signal.;(d)Synaptic transmission is only effective as a mechanism for distant communication.;(e)None of the answers are correct.;15. Which of the following is true of a receptor tyrosine kinase?;(a)Part of it is exposed to the extracellular space, and part of it is located on the inside of the cell.;(b)It is a cytoplasmic receptor.;(c)It has seven transmembrane-spanning domains.;(d)Dimerization is an optional step in receptor tyrosine kinase activation.;(e)None of the answers are correct.;16. How are G protein-coupled receptors continually made available for reuse?;(a)The G protein-mediated activation of the enzyme is only temporary.;(b)The G protein opens multiple binding sites simultaneously.;(c)When a G protein activates, it diffuses away from the receptor, leaving it available for reuse.;(d)Any signal can bind a G protein-coupled receptor.;(e)None of the answers are correct.;17. Why is the kinase so important in a receptor tyrosine kinase?;(a)Tyrosine kinases activate synapses, triggering cellular responses.;(b)Tyrosine kinase is the signal that the receptor binds.;(c)Kinases transfer phosphates, phosphorylating the receptor.;(d)The tyrosine kinase domains are active in their monomeric states.;(e)The tyrosine kinase uses guanosine triphosphate to become activated.


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