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Bacteria cause botulism and lock-jaw




Note: I just need 2-3 line answers for each question. Must include reference in APA.;1. What bacteria cause botulism and lock-jaw (tetanus)? What are their characteristics? How have these diseases been controlled?;2. Be able to describe the major parasitic diseases.;3. What are anaphylactic reactions and how are they treated?;4. What are the major arthropod vectors of disease?;5. What are the major malaria control strategies?;6. How has plague been controlled? When was the last U.S. outbreak? What are the forms of plague?;7. What are the different heart attack symptoms associated with women?;8. What is the proposed etiology suggested by those who view heart disease as an infectious ailment?;9. Describe the various thrombolytic treatments for heart disease.


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