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Oberve model of the digestive system, Label all of the major organs




BIOS140_W5_iLab6_Worksheet.docx Download Attachment;BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet;Name: [Insert Your Name Here];Complete the following questions and submit your report. This document contains 3;pages. The total lab is worth 35 points.;Observe the following model of the digestive system. Label all of the major;organs.;1.;1BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet;There are many online tools that allow you to calculate your BMI. Use one of;these tools to calculate your BMI.;2.;Underweight;Normal weight;Overweight;Obese;BMI Values;Less than 18.5;18.524.9;2529.9;Over 29.9;Fill in Your Information;Q: Based on this information, do you have a healthy weight?;Q: What are you planning to do in order to achieve a healthy weight?;3.;Waist circumference;Determine your waist circumference by placing a measuring tape snugly around your;waist. It is a good indicator of your abdominal fat, which is another predictor of your risk;for developing risk factors for heart disease and other diseases. This risk increases with;a waist measurement of over 40 inches in men and over 35 inches in women.;Gender;Waist circumference;4. Calculate your BMR using online tools. Based on your BMR, calculate your daily;calorie needs.;BMR;Calories needed per day;2BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet;Q: How does your actual calorie intake compare to the recommended calorie intake?;a) It is higher.;b) It is lower.;c) They are roughly the same.;Q: If you have to adjust your calorie intake to the recommended value (based on the;website), what changes will you make in your diet?;5.;Daily Food Tracking;Use an online tool that allows you to track your caloric intake. Monitor your diet for two;days, keep records of food type and total caloric intake. Print the pages and attach them;when you turn in your lab. is a government website that allows you;to track your diet, but you may use any online tool.;All packaged food contains a label describing nutritional values. Find your;favorite packaged food and read the label. Describe the label below and list all of the;information from the label.;6.;Read the label of a multivitamin-multimineral dietary supplement pill. Pick a;vitamin or mineral of your choice. Describe its dietary benefits in two to three lines. List;a few different foods that naturally provide the supplement of your choice.;7.;8. There are many different diet plans in the marketplace. Find three different diet;plans and discuss their pros and cons.;3BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet


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