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The original sequence of DNA




1. REPLICATION: The original sequence of DNA on the first strand is;Complete its complementary anti-sense NEW strand (2 points);A T G C G A C C C A A A C C G C A G C A A T T T T T G G G G C T A A T G T A G;2. TRANSCRIPTION: Take the new strand of DNA and code the messenger RNA that would be created from it: (2;points);1BIOS140 DNA Assignment;3. TRANSLATION: The strand of messenger RNA has the following sequence determine the codons and;polypeptide that will be coded on the ribosome with complementary tRNA (see table on the last page of this;assignment): (2 points);A U G C G U C C C A A A C C G C A G C A A U U U U U G G G G C U A A U G U A G;4. What is the name of the polypeptide that is being coded by the above sequence (hint: try to GOOGLE it)? What;does it do in the spinal cord and brain? (3 points);5. Suppose there was a deletion of the second A in the mRNA (see above) what would the resulting polypeptide;look like? (2 points);A U G C G U C C C A A C C G C A G C A A U U U U U G G G G C U A A U G U A G;6. Why are deletions and frame shift mutations so devastating? (2 points);7. What causes sickle cell anemia (the changes in the DNA/RNA)? Write the mutation and tell what kind of mutation it;is. (3 points);2BIOS140 DNA Assignment;3BIOS140 DNA Assignment;8. Describe the role of following structures in protein synthesis;Structure;DNA;mRNA;Ribosome;tRNA;Anticodon;Amino Acid;RNA processing;4BIOS140 DNA Assignment;Role;5BIOS140 DNA Assignm


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