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Events happening during mitosis and meiosis.




BIOS140_W4_iLab5_Worksheet.docx Download Attachment;BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet;Name: [Insert Your Name Here];Complete the following questions and submit your report. This document contains 3;pages. The total lab is worth 25 points.;Step 1: Watch the following link to familiarize yourself with events happening during;mitosis and meiosis. Copy the link into your browser to open it.;;Step 2: Complete the following assignment.;1. What are the three functions of mitosis?;2. Choose the correct stage of mitotic phase for the following phrases.;a. Nuclear membrane broken into fragments;b. Nuclear membrane reappears;c. Cleavage furrow forms;1BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet;d. Chromosomes align at the equator;e. Chromosomes condense;f.;Spindle fibers start forming;g. Spindle fibers disappear;h. Sister chromatids move towards opposite poles;i.;Which stage of mitosis is depicted in the diagrams below?;(i);(ii);2BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet;3BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet;3. Compare mitosis and meiosis by writing a brief description of events happening;at each stage.;Stage;Mitosis;Meiosis;Stage;Prophase;Prophase I;Metaphase;Metaphase I;Anaphase;Anaphase I;Telophase;Telophase I;Prophase II;Metaphase II;Anaphase II;Telophase II;4BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet


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