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Could you please help me solve these problems. Tha...




Could you please help me solve these problems. Thank you!!,A few corrections: For question 16, the correct posted solutions should be: A) $3.1 B) $3.2 C) $3.5 D) $4.0 On question 29, the wording of the problem should be: JBoyles Inc. uses cost-plus pricing with a 60% mark-up. Each unit has a variable cost of $20. In addition, the company incurs $300,000 in fixed costs annually. If demand falls to 300,000 units and the company wants to continue to earn a 60% return, what price should the company charge? A) $31.50 B) $21.00 C) $12.60 D) $33.60 Thanks a lot!,Do you by any chance have the reasonings (the work) behind the answers? Thank you!,At least on the problems that involve mathematical work. That way I can better understand how you came up with the solutions.,I apologize for having to bother you, but can you please provide the works for problems 1, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 28, 29 and 30 (the step by step work you used to get the answers).,Could you at least let me know if you can't? Thanks.,Can you please have it done by the end of tonight? I'll make sure to write you a GREAT feedback!!,Thank you so so much!!


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