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My Health History.




Paper # 1. MY PERSONAL HEALTH: due electronically by 11:59 pm, Sunday, Sep. 14, on Canvas.;Put P1, your name, Section/Seat # and phone # in the subject line and on your paper.;One point off for each day late. You have until September 28 to complete this assignment.;If done authentically, this one paper will give you the most insight into your own personal health.;All your papers are kept confidential and are not shared.;You are to write a minimum of 1000 words using this exact outline for full credit. In other words, your paper is;simply filling in the stated outline, your paper is to be in outline form.;1. Introduction: Take the free VIA Survey and in 50 words or less share your top five Values in Action;strengths.;2. My Present Health Status.;After carefully reading this link, write and label seven paragraphs on how you manage your: a. physical time;b. play time, c. focus time, d. connecting time, e. sleep time, f. down time, and g. time in.;3. My Health History.;Write and label one paragraph each for the following;a. Give a health history of 3 generations of your family (you and your siblings may be one of the three) and;how it may relate to your present and future health. Share only what?s comfortable.;b. Reflect on where your beliefs came from and how they have played a role in your wellness and/or illnesses;thus far in your life.;c. Define stress and describe where your stress comes from and how much perceived stress you have on a;scale of one (low) to ten.;d. What do you like to do and actually do to relieve your stress?;e. What unhealthy habits do you intend to stop or change in order to improve your personal health and the;health of the planet?;4. My Philosophy of Life.;Write and label one paragraph for a. b. c. d. e. f. and g.;a. How did we get here? Why are we here? Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it?;b. Do you have day-to-day freedom of choice or is our future;already predetermined by genetics, early experiences or by a God?;c. Who or what controls over 95% of your behaviors and even gets your body to do things you don?t really;want it to do?;d. Who or what determines what is good and evil, right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy? Why should;anyone feel guilty?;e. Do you believe in a merciful, loving God? A vengeful God? A Godless Universe? A previous life? An afterlife?;Other?;f. Do you think the world can be free of greed, hatred and judging?;g. What things are valuable to you?;5. Final Statement: 50-words describing your dream o


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