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I am in need to write a personal statement to be accepted into a Respiratory Therapy program but so far I am lost I have completed some of it so I would highly appreciate the help the revision of my grammar and the completion of the rest of my personal statement how do I incorporate that I graduated high school with honor but have never had any medical training. I will be attaching my personal statement down below thanks for the help in advance.;Attachment Preview;PersonalStatement.docx Download Attachment;From an early stage in life i have been fascinated by the human body, being a remarkable;machinery with diverse organism production that can never be synthetically reproduced. My;love for both math and science are my main reasons for choosing a career in respiratory;therapy. I enjoy challenges which lead me to rewarding objectives, although Respiratory therapy;is a tough career and sacrifices have to made it can be enormously gratifying.;To further my insight into the medical field.;My love and aspiration for a Respiratory therapy career is reflected throughout my A-level;choices in which good time management, Self motivated skills and the ability to cope with stress;and pressure are highly essential. Biology has help me develop and expand my analytical;skills,Math has provided me with the knowledge to work logically and resolve problem solving;skills. The qualities i have developed throughout my previous courses are essential for any good;respiratory therapist.I have participated in FBLA which has enhanced my interpersonal;communication and team building skills. In order to relax, i enjoy sports such as football in which;i was the running back for the girls powder puff game two years in a row, improving my;leadership skills. Another passion of mine involves helping animals in need.;I am determined, self motivated and i look forward to the social and academic challenges the;university has to offer. I am aware f the demands required in a respiratory therapy career but my;commitment and desire have only been straighten as i fall more in love with the profession.


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