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Effects that population growth has on our lives




ur world?s human population is increasing rapidly. The United Nations' population division suggests that our numbers may reach 8.9 billion by the middle of the century, a 50% increase in 50 years. In the Population Dynamics lab exercise, you will learn about the effects that population growth has on our lives and on our world.;Deliverables;Complete the Population Dynamics spreadsheet.;Grading Rubrics;Category Points Description;Part 1;10;Fill in all of the data for Part 1.;Part 2;10;Fill in numbers to calculate future population in the assigned scenarios for Part 2.;Part 2;10;Fill in the data for Part 3 and draw conclusions on questions for Part 3.;Total;30;A quality lab report will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.;iLAB STEPS;Step 1: Access the Population Dynamics Lab;Back to Top;Click the following link to access the Population Dynamics Lab.;Step 2: View Tutorials;Back to Top;Each section of the population dynamics web page contains an interactive component. Complete each of these as you work your way through the information, because they will prepare you for completing the exercises at the end. You do not need to submit the answers to these interactives.;Step 3: Complete the Population Dynamics Spreadsheet;Back to Top;Fill in the Population Dynamics Spreadsheet. This worksheet is available in the Doc Sharing. Click on the iLab folder (its arrow next to the folder) to expand list of documents.;Here is the link with the lab, attached is the data sheet that needs to get filled up.


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