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What is Monopoly and how it relates to Microeconomics




I.;What is Monopoly and how it relates to Microeconomics;A. A company that has market power of goods;B. Single provider of good;C. Main goal is to maximize profit;II.;How Monopolies arise and barriers of entry;A. Market power;B. Market Structure;1. Monopoly;2. Oligopoly;3. Monopolistic Competition;C. Barriers to entry;1. Government regulation;2. Legal;3. Natural;4. Artificial;III.;The demand and effects;A. Marginal revenue (curve);B. Price elasticity;C. Profit Maximization;IV.;Regulation and control;A. Government;1. Prevent over pricing;2. Quality of product;3. Establish market competition;4. Price ceiling;Conclusion;Summarize the main facts for the purpose and effects of a Monopoly;View Full Attachment;ECON210PaperChecklist0712.pdf Download Attachment;ECON 210 Research Paper Checklist;Your topic summary and proposed outline of your idea for the paper is due in Module 3, a draft of the paper... Show more;ECON210ResearchPaperInstructions0712.pdf Download Attachment;ECON 210;Microeconomics;Research Paper... Show more;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 5;Max Pages: 6;Level of Detail: Show all work


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