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bringing in an outsider who attempts to help the two sides reach an agreement




7 of 15;involves bringing in an outsider who attempts to help the two sides reach an agreement, while _____ involves bringing in an outsider with the authority to impose a binding settlement on both parties.;Collective bargaining, distributive bargaining;Distributive bargaining, interest-based bargaining;Mediation, arbitration;Arbitration, mediation;8 of 15;The primary function of middle managers is to train, evaluate, and motivate non-management employees;True;False;9 of 15;A lockout is a work stoppage initiated by workers who have come to the conclusion that the company will not agree to their demands;True;False;10 of 15;The performance standards used in the controlling function should be based on objectives established during the planning process;True;False;13 of 15;One way for a company to reorganize effectively is to show employees where they fit into the hierarchy and clearly communicate the purpose of the reorganization;True;False;14 of 15;John perceives that he works much harder than his two coworkers, Sam and Arnie, yet they are both more highly paid and receive more perks. Equity theory suggests that John would most likely respond by working even harder in an attempt to achieve the status of Sam and Arnie;True;False;15 of 15;is the process by which representatives of labor and management attempt to negotiate a mutually acceptable labor agreement.;Collective bargaining;Unilateral bargaining;Representational bargaining;Arbitration bargaining;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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