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Conduct virtual experiments to determine factors that affect transpiration.




Plant Transpiration;Unit VIII Assessment;Introduction;If you have not already, you or someone you know will try to grow a variety of plants either inside your;house or outside in a garden. What type of soil do you need? How often should you water the plants?;Should you plant them in full sun? Why do some plants need less water and some more? These are;questions that many people have about plants. In this activity, you will have a chance to manipulate;different variables to see how much water some plants use and how much some lose through;transpiration.;Objectives;1. Conduct virtual experiments to determine factors that affect transpiration.;2. Compare and contrast sustainable and unsustainable farming practices.;Materials;Computer with internet access;Directions;1. Go to:;2. Read the Purpose and Objectives.;3. Read and follow the information under Procedures and complete the lab for all 4 plants and all 3;variables.;4. Reset the lab and complete the lab for the next set of 4 plants and 3 variables.;5. Record your information in the Results Table provided on this sheet.;6. During and after the lab, answer the questions below.;7. Type all answers directly on the data sheet.;8. Select Save As, and use your last name and student ID as a file name.;9. Upload the data sheet as a.doc,.docx, or.rtf file when finished.;Questions 1 10 are short answer questions and should be answered in 2 to 3 words or 1 to 2 complete;sentences. Each question is worth 2 points for a total of 20 points.;1. What are the three different variables that you tested?;2. State your question.;3. State your hypothesis.;1;4. Describe the process of transpiration.;5. What environmental factors that you tested increased the rate of transpiration? Was the;rate of transpiration increased for all plants tested?;6. Did any of the environmental factors (heat, light, or wind) increase the transpiration rate;more than the others? Why?;7. Which species of plants that you tested had the highest transpiration rates? Why do you;think different species of plants transpire at different rates?;8. What is your conclusion?;9. Did your results support your hypothesis?;10. State another question about transpiration that you would like to have answered that you;did not answer in this lab.;2;Results Table 10 points;***You should include data for 8 different plants. Make sure you reset;the lab (upper right corner) to receive 4 more plants.***;Amount of water transpired after 1 hour (mL);Plant;Normal;Fan;Heater;Lamp;Question 11 is an extended response question and should be at least 200 words. Total: 20 points;11. You want to reduce the amount of money that you are spending at the grocery store. You and;your family decide to plant a small garden to provide a variety of foods. Since you completed the;activity above, you know that plants require certain nutrients in order to survive. Read the;information in the textbook concerning the future of agriculture (pages 586 592). What are some;methods that you would implement into your garden? What would you try to avoid? Make sure;you provide a detailed answer.;3


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