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There is a dangerous view that has spread relatively recently regarding vaccine safety.




Vaccine'Safety:';There is a dangerous view that has spread relatively recently regarding vaccine safety.;Some celebrities and others have made statements regarding the safety of vaccines. Some;have gone as far as to say that they believe vaccines cause autism, even though there is no;scientific evidence that this is true. Scientific evidence, where to get it, and how to;identify credible sources are all important aspects of being an educated member of;society. So here is the question, ? Why should you care if there is a rise in unvaccinated;children?? I would like for you to watch this short youtube video on vaccine safety and;then answer the question stated above. I would also like you to address why the spread of;this unsupported claim is dangerous for society on the whole. Here are a couple things to;consider: 1. Vaccines save lives and the CDC has put forth a recommended vaccination;schedule. There are some who cannot be vaccinated for a variety of reasons. What are;those reasons? 2. Describe why the parents who do not vaccinate are relying on others;who do vaccinate to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. 3. Choose;one disease that is preventable with vaccination that is on the rise. 5. Why is it not;accurate for a parent who chooses not to vaccinate to say to a person who will vaccinate;their child, ?My decision does not affect you if you are choosing to vaccinate your child.?;Short video on vaccine safety;


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