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Compare your food intake against your USDA standard using the USDA MyPyramid Menu Planner




Diet Analysis;Compare your food intake against your USDA standard using the USDA MyPyramid Menu Planner.;(If you deem the information needed for this assignment to be personal, you can develop a reference individual.);1. Type a list of foods you consume in a typical day/24 hours. List the specific name of the food consumed (i.e. ground beef, carrots, milk) and the amount consumed. There are no foods called meat, fruits, or vegetables.;Guidelines for portion sizes you can use as references;? cup is about 1 handful, 1 cup is about 2 handfuls;1 soda can is 12 ounces;1 teaspoon is about the size of your pinkie finger;1 tablespoon is about the size of your thumb;3 ounces of meat/fish/poultry is about the size of a deck of cards;1 ounce of cheese is about the size of a computer disc;2. Go to You can register at any time by clicking on the ?Register? tab at the top of the page if you want to save your information and access it later.;A. Enter your: name, age, gender, weight, height and physical activity level. Then, click submit.;B. Enter the foods from your list of foods eaten in one 24 hour period.;Under ?Start Menu Planning?:Type the name of the first food from your list. Then, click search;Click on the food from the list. (Click on Search Hint if you cannot find your food);C. Choose the amount consumed, the No. of servings, the portion size, & the meal, & click add.;Repeat the process until all the foods have been entered for the day.;3. Answer the following questions;1. How many calories were recommended?;2. How many calories were actually consumed?;3. How many calories were recommended for ?extra?;4. How many calories were ?actual? in extra;4. Fill out the following chart concerning your ?MyPyramid?.;Food Group Recommended Actual Approximate % Consumed;Ounces of grains;Cups of vegetables;Cups of fruits;Cups of milk;Cups of meat/beans;5. Click on Reports (at top of screen);In Daily Menu box ? click Go Now;Which food groups had ?low status;Name of Food Group with low status Name of actual food that could be added to improve the status;6. What was your intake of Sat (Saturated) Fats?;7. What was the limit of Sat fats?;Click ?My Next Step? Select an area you would like to improve as your ?Next Step?.;8. Name of area selected;9. Click on ?Next? box. What two steps could you implement to make a change?;a.;b.;Click Next, Click ?Reports?, Click ?Food Details? on Reports Page. Click ?Go Now?;10. Which food that you ate had the most calories? Name of Food;Calories;11. Which food had the most saturated fat? Name of Food;Grams of saturated fat;12. What was one food you ate that was a whole grain? If none, type none. Name of Food;xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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