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Problem 01-04 (Algo)




Problem 01-04 (Algo);A firm's current profits are $900,000. These profits are expected to grow indefinitely at a constant annual rate of 4;percent. If the firm's opportunity cost of funds is 6 percent, determine the value of the firm;Instructions: Round your responses to 2 decimal places.;a. The instant before it pays out current profits as dividends.;$ million;b. The instant after it pays out current profits as dividends.;$ million;Im coming up with A. $47,700,000;B. $46,800,000;$900,000 (1.06/.02) = 900,000 * 53 = 47,700,000 Million;$900,000 (1.04/.02) = 900,000 * 52 = 46,800,000 Million;-------------------------------------------Below is an example of how to solve the problem. But my answers when using the formula;below, plugging in all numbers correctly, are coming up wrong when I submit them. I need to;know what Im doing wrong.


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