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Commerce 295/FRE 295




1. This assignment is due (in hardcopy form) by the beginning of your class on the date shown;above. Assignments up to 24 hours late will receive a 25% penalty. Assignments more than 24;hours late will not be accepted. Late assignments can be given to Helen Ho in HA 266 or to Ines;Bilec in the Undergraduate office or can be given to your instructor.;2. Extensions are possible only for genuine emergencies. Permission for the extension must be in;advance (i.e. at least 24 hours before the assignment is due) and must be accompanied by;appropriate documentation. See Ines Belic in the Undergraduate Office.;3. Show your working for all questions. Please be concise with your answers, and clearly identify;the answer to the specific question you are being asked. Please carry 2 non-zero digits to the right;of the decimal for answers that do not work out to whole numbers. Explain your reasoning where;asked to do so.;4. Please use the remaining pages (not this page) as a template. You may type in your answers;before printing out the document or you may print out the document and print your answers neatly;by hand. Your answers must be neat and easily readable. If not, marks will be deducted or the;answer will be ignored entirely. If in doubt, type your answer. Please confine your answer to the;allowed space. Do question 7 before printing out the template as question 7 requires you to cut and;paste a spreadsheet into the template.;5. Some of the questions have lines on which you are to write the answer. Do not exceed this space.;Part of your task is to choose the right thing to say in a small space.;6. If you do not follow these instructions you will not get full credit for your work.;7. Students often like to work together in doing assignments. However, this is NOT a group;assignment. It is primarily an individual effort. The basic rule about joint work is that it is;acceptable to discuss questions with classmates but you must do the actual write-up of the;assignment on your own. You must not copy someone else's answer. Copied or plagiarized answers;will be subject to appropriate penalties.;8. You may use pen or pencil but if you use pencil we cannot review situations where you think;there is a marking mistake (except addition errors).;9. The assignment is challenging. Do not leave it to the last minute. When doing each question it is;a good idea to find and read the relevant sections of the textbook first. Good Luck.


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