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The reaction of Zn and Cu2+ produces a brown solid product




DISCUSSION;1. The reaction of Zn and Cu2+ produces a brown solid product. What is the identity of this product?;Provide the balanced equation that shows the formation of this brown product? (2 points);2. The reaction of Mg with H+ produces vigorous bubbling. Why do bubbles form during the;reaction? Write a balanced equation that shows the identity of the product causing bubbles. (2;points);3. Activity is more useful when quantitative experiments are done, but is relevant here. Explain;what activity is and how the use of the same anion throughout all solutions is consistent with the;notion of activity. You might find it useful to consult a textbook for a complete discussion of;activity. (3 points);4. Many biological reactions are electron transfer reactions and their spontaneity can be determined;by calculating the potential and?G of the reaction. For the following reaction, determine a) the;oxidizing agent and reducing agent, b)?G?, and c) if the reaction is spontaneous. (You will need;to use a standard reduction table to determine the E? of the half reaction of O2.) (6 points);NAD+ + 2H+ + 2 e-;NADH + H+ E? = -0.32 V;NADH + H+ + ? O2 ! NAD+;+ H2O;5. What is the empirical ?rule? that you can use to determine whether or not a redox reaction will be;spontaneous? (Think in terms of the reduction potentials of the oxidizing and reducing agents.);(3 points)


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