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1. True or false;A. In a balanced chemical equation the total mass of the reactants equals the;total mass of the products.;B. A mole of Al has the same mass as a mole of Mg;C. A mole of CH4 has the same number of molecules as a mole of C6H6;D. All chemical reactions are endothermic.;E. In any spontaneous process the entropy of the universe increases.;F. Inorganic chemistry refers to the chemistry of carbon compounds.;G. Carbon can form only single covalent bonds.;H. Addition of a soluble non-volatile compound to water results in;a freezingtemperature higher than 0oC.;I. The same amount of heat is required to increase the temperature of any;metal by a degree C.;J. Diamond, graphite, and fullerenes are all forms of carbon.;2. The overall process for production of iron from an ore is;2Fe2O3 + 3C? 4Fe + 3CO2;How many grams of Fe can be obtained from 276.5 grams of Fe2O3?;3. A. How many moles are in 765 grams of C2H6O?;B. What is the mass in grams of 3.86 moles of Na2SO4?;4. Using the bond energy table on page 196 of the text, determine the value;and sign of delta H for the reaction: H-H + Br-Br? 2H-Br;5. A. Why are there no structural isomers of C3H8?;B. Why are there no compounds with the formula C5H14?;C. Why is it that a number of samples with the same formula C8H18 can;have different properties;D. Which of the following, if any, is capable of forming a polymer? Give;a reason for your answer.;1. C2H6 2. C3H6 3. C4H10 4. C6H16;6. A sample of a hydrate of NiCl2 with a weight of 0.235 grams is heated to;drive off the water leaving a weight of 0.128 grams. Determine the formula;of the hydrate? i.e. what is the value of X in NiCl2(XH2O);7. Explain what hard water is and how it can be treated to remove the hardness.;8. A compound is found to consist of 24.25% F and 75.75% Sn by mass. Determine;the empirical formula.;9. The delta H of combustion of C2H6 is 1541kJ per mole. How many grams of C2H6;must be combusted to provide 5.00x104 kJ of energy?;10. Explaining your answer, which, if any, of the following solutions in water will have;the highest boiling temperature?;A. 0.20m NaCl B. 0.10m AlCl3 C. 0.40m KBr D. 0.20m CaCl2


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