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Native and invasive plant species competition




For the scientific method lab, you will design your own experiment and then run it!;Part I - Designing an experiment.;The experiment must have something to do with the plant world! The experiment must be able to be completed during the course. Possibilities: testing how to get seeds to sprout quickly, which light encourages plants to grow more quickly, which fertilizer works best. These are just examples, there are many short experiments that can be done at home. If you have trouble thinking of a hypothesis for your experiment, please email and I can help you decide.;Don't forget -;Hypothesis;Control group and test group - what treatment will each receive?;What are the variables you will need to control?;What data are you collecting and when?;Your data table;Your research - it can be a very short summary, but you should find out a little about what you are going to test.


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