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Extra Credit: Case 3 (Kentucky Milk Case, part 2)




Extra Credit: Case 3 (Kentucky Milk Case, part 2);Instructions;Read Chapters 5 to 7 before attempting this extra credit.;Extra Credit: If you upload a Word document with one or two paragraphs with the information provide below can get up to 20 points added to a public question for this case! You should do look at these cases anyway since you will learn how to go beyond a math course and use these tools to solve problems. After these cases you should see that STAT 230 is more than a math course. corresponding to each case. You must make the deadline because I will not allow submissions past the due dates. What do you have to put in your Word document you submit (upload)? The Excel data set is on the CD that came with the book.;You do not actually have to do the case questions but just tell me what you have learned (and did) to help you understand each case. What insight did you gain? Did you learn anything on using Excel to gain that insight? I urge you to play with the data set in Excel...playing around often will help you gain insight. Try actually computing the numbers in cases 2 and 3 and finally look at the answers I've provided here. Keep in mind exercise 1 and 2 will have a different format. Note: do not share are give out these answers to anyone! One or two paragraphs should be enough. Do give me a good faith effort and show me you took more than 15 minutes on each case.;Preparation for Exercise 2 (Inferential Stats);Case 3: he Kentucky Milk Case (part 2), p. 485 (Look at during chapter 8 and before exercise 2).;Now we are expanding the Kentucky Case and using inferential stats. Look at the three sections and as the case states make the appropriate inferences.;Try doing this case before looking at the book answer I have provided.


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