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Focusing on who is Bitcoin, and the goals of company for economic




I need your assistance with this assignment. Here is the topic: bitcoin targeted;1. Focusing on who is Bitcoin, and the goals of company for economic progress and economic security,, describe the general business goals by using information on the web sites of one or two business within this industry, and explain why they where targeted by hackers consumers is important to businesses within this industry.;2. Describe some likely instances that demonstrate when the gathering of the information by team of core software developers who focus on bitcoin were working to fix the problem Use citations to support your arguments about how some action or result related to the targeting of bitcoin and how it may be harmful to customers.;3. What possible activities should the company consider regulating to control the way that this example industry gathers money and use it to replace money?;4. What are the goals of owners to make bitcoin safer in the public sector -- or why should lawmakers think regulating these possible industry activities is useful?;5. What might happen to the goals of this industry, and to the public sector goals, as more new cybersecurity


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