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As a group, describe and explain Internet protocol security (IPSec)




As a group, describe and explain Internet protocol security (IPSec), and then as a group, decide who will be assigned the following topic or question;What are the services that are provided by IPSec?;What is the difference between transport and tunnel modes?;Describe the different services provided by AH and ESP.;What is a replay attack?;List 3?5 practical applications of IPSec.;Also, decide who will combine all of the slides into one cohesive presentation.;The presentation must include the following;Title slide;1?2 slides per topic or question(s) listed above;Reference slide with all citation material;Individual Portion;Using the online library, Internet, and all course materials, research the topic(s) assigned to you.;After researching your topic, create your PowerPoint slides to be implemented into a group presentation. Your slides must include the following;Detailed information on your topic(s) fully answering any question(s);Practical application examples of your topic(s);Detailed speaker notes on each slide you create with your name;You must use at least 2 unique references on your topic.


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