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please find the assignment,yes sir, please and also it would be great if you could help on 4th one as well. thank you,Hello Sir, I actually need it by tomorrow 10 am. Request you to kindly get it done by the same. Thank you.,Sir, can you please confirm the same. Awaiting your kind reply. Thank you.,Thank you, Please have them sent to me by tomorrow 10 AM. Thanks a lot.,Hello Sir, Please let me know if you are done with the answers as i am running short of time. Thank you.,Sir, Am left with half hour for the submission. Request you to kindly help me with the answers if you could. Thank you.,hello, I just checked with my friend and for the second question below mentioned is his answer and it shows the EV as 6000 and your's as 4800. could you please explain. Thank you 2. EV or BCWP = Baselined Cost * % Complete Actual = $10000*60% = $6000,Waiting for your reply. Could you please respond ASAP. Thank you.


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