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Why Nations Fail?




1) In their seminal book, Why Nations Fail? Acemoglu et al provided some intuition about the;theory of institutional transition. Based on their work, answer the following questions;a. Define extractive and inclusive political and economic institutions? Provide some;examples? How do they co-exist? (10 points);b. Why do extractive institutions persist? What are the causes? Explain the vicious-cycle of;extractive institutions. What are the consequences? (20 points);c. Explain the theory of institutional change by stating the role of the three components;c.i. Origin of institutions;c.ii. Drift in institutional characteristics;c.iii. Critical junctures.;Evaluate each of the above conditions from empirical observations outlined in the;presentation. (20 points);2) a. Look at the following two graphs;What does the data in the two graphs above say about the nature of labor coercion in two;difference sectors of Mexico during the same time period? (25 points);b. What factors contribute to the transition to democracy? Explain each of the three factors. Can;you predict which country would transit to democracy faster than other countries based on the;nature of the three factors? Explain. (25 points)


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