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Why is the rapid evolution of computer technology a problem for the legal




3. What is the definition of piracy, in your own words? Why is it so easy to pirate software as compared to more tangible things?;4. What are some of the penalties for piracy? How do these apply to individuals and to organizations?;5. How can an organization safeguard itself from piracy? Why is it so essential that this be properly organized?;6. Why is intellectual property so susceptible to theft?;7. Why is it important to have a formal compliance function in place in an organization? What does it protect against?;8. What is the focus of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? What does it seek to prevent and how can it be complied with?;9. Why should regulations for controlling classified and sensitive information be a factor in a compliance scheme? When do they apply?;10. Why is there likely to be strict regulations of the disposal of computer equipment? What makes that equipment hazardous? (answer each question in your paragraph response);**In order to do this assignment accurately and effectively be sure to answer each question with 5-8 sentences, per question. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Be sure to paraphrase and cite sources appropriately. DO NOT use direct quotes. Keep citations to less than 10%. Use APA format, single space, 12 pt font.


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