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Describe the three elements that must be included in order for a loop




1.Describe the three elements that must be included in order for a loop to perform correctly. What will happen if these statements are not included? Provide examples.;2.;What happens if a loop control variable is not modified by every iteration of a loop? What happens if the modification does not allow the loop control variable to reach the exit condition?;3. Please choose one of the examples of infinite loops posted by your classmates. How can it be corrected so that it is not an infinite loop?;4.We have now moved from the planning stage to the doing part of project management. Following good project management practices, we have set a baseline. How is a project baseline used to guide the execution of the project's work, to evaluate progress and performance, and to control the project?Also, as you continue to think about monitoring and controlling the project, specifically consider the question: How can the project baseline and the earned value approach for variance analysis be used to monitor and report project progress?


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