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Calculating Ecological Footprints




Calculating Ecological Footprints L9.rtf Download Attachment;Calculating Ecological Footprints- Chapter 9;Population (millions);Total paper consumed;(millions of metric;tons);Africa;999;6;Asia;4,117;738;99;Latin America;580;27;North America;341;77;Oceania;36;4;World;6,810;(pounds);159;Europe;Per capita paper;consumed;13;127;1. How much paper would North Americans save each year if we consumed paper at the rate of;Europeans?;2. How much paper would be consumed if everyone in the world used as much paper as the;average European? As the average North American?;3. Why do you think people in other regions consume less paper, per capita, than North;Americans? Name three things you could do to reduce your paper consumption.;4. Describe three ways in which consuming FSC-certified paper rather than conventional paper;can reduce the environmental impacts of paper consumption.;1.


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