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What should be done immediately after cleaning the smears with distilled water




1. What should be done immediately after cleaning the smears with distilled water for 2 minutes?;2. Calculate the LAP score for a sample that gave the following staining results (show your work).;3. Indicate whether the LAP score you recorded for question 2 is increased, decreased, or normal;when compared to the normal reference interval. Would you believe that this result came from a;patient with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia? Why or why not?;4. A person did everything according to the above procedure, except he/she counted a total of 123;Neutrophils. How might this impact the final LAP result? Do you think the LAP score generated;would be accurate? Explain.;5. Read the following scenario. Describe all instances where the procedure was not followed, and;indicate what should have been done instead.;Scenario: A laboratory employee made LAP stain according to the package insert. She;then gathered the dried smears that needed to be stained, and placed them in acetone;fixative for 30 seconds. She then rinsed the smears with a steady stream of distilled water;for 45 seconds. She left the smears at room temperature for 20 minutes, and then stained;them for 30 minutes, also at room temperature.;After staining, she rinsed the smears for 2 minutes with distilled water, and then immediately;placed the smears in the counterstain for 5 minutes. She then did a final rinse with distilled;water for 3 minutes, and began microscopic evaluation.;6. Why Medical Laboratory Science? It is a simple, yet basic question that relates to each student in;the MLS academic program. The following questions are designed to cause you to reflect personally;on the MLS profession and assist the Admission Committee to become better acquainted with you.;Please use your own words. Responses are expected to exhibit a college level of writing which;includes correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.;While still answering each of the following questions individually.;1. Why do you want to become a medical laboratory scientist?;2. What personal, positive qualities do you have that you feel would be an asset to you in this;profession?;3. What reservations, if any, do you have concerning this profession?


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