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the sequence control structure and the selection control structure?




1. the sequence control structure and the selection control structure?;2. What type of flowchart symbols are used within the sequence control structure?;3. Describe the process that the assignment statement takes during the program execution. Provide an example.;4. OK if I am understanding the reading, who view and needs should be expressed in a project scope. The customers, Client's needs or requirement which are to be fulfilled by undertaking a project. items needs to be addressed in defining the scope. WBS (WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE) Will be developed this basically expresses the work activities that must be performed to achieve or complete the project scope. Cost estimation and development of project budget and creation of a project schedule. That the fate of a project is cast right at the beginning when the scope should be laid out. Often the project scope and specifically a written scope statement is not laid out in the clear and definitive terms that are necessary for ultimate project success.;Responded to this statement. Do you agree with it or and explain why?;5. With the project scope, the view/vision of the project manager and the project team should be apparent, since this represents what they want to accomplish and what the deliverables are. As for the needs, they should be those of the shareholders or owner(s) that are either met or addressed. Since they're ultimately the ones making the decisions, their needs are essentially the underlying motivation or goal that a project team is striving towards. Because of this, the scope should be the vision of the team, and that should be with the needs of shareholders/owners in mind. The items that need to be addressed in the scope include: objectives, goals, tasks, deadlines, deliverables, resources and cost. It is important to define all these things because the team and others need to know what they're working with and what they're working towards. Having this outlined allows for more organization and preparation.;Responded to this statement. Do you agree with it or and explain why?;6. Read the case study 5.3 Project Management at in the text on pages 166?167.; is a software engineering and systems development consulting firm that needs some organizational improvements in the area of project management processes that will cut cost and potentially increase the profit margin for the company. Answer the following questions;Discuss how you would begin redesigning project management processes to minimize the problems it is experiencing with poor scope management.;Why do you think configuration management and project change control are difficult to perform in the middle of a complex software development project, such as those implemented at Share any experiences you have with project change requests.;7.;First I would have to say that DOTCOM., much reorganize how the operational and project management team delegate and complete their project in a timely fashion without the situation of complaint.. Also the organization could implement a program that would help with making their clients more computer savvy, which will improve how fast they receive vital information from the clients themselves. with this plan in place operational and communication would be on a high and they also could do computer drafts for the project to send to client to review and give their point of view first and state any changes that they would implement before the final project is completed this way saving the project operational and design cost.;Responded to this statement. Do you agree with it or and explain why?;8. needs create better project scopes for their project so they do not have problems at the end of the project. First the project manager needs to create a well-designed project scope in which includes the time frame of the project, budget, work and resources needed, and most important what are the customer desires or needs. The project manager needs to know what the customer really wants or want they need before starting a project. After the scope has been created the need to explain the scope to the top managers so they can approve of the project and decide whether or not more information is needed. Once the project has been started the project manager need to communicate to the client progress that has been made and explain how the project is turning. By explain the project the client can have a better understanding of what they are receiving at the end of the project. After they completed the project should ensure that their clients know how to use their systems since most of their clients are not that computer savvy. This would ensure that the customers are satisfied with the product and no complain would be presented in the future;Responded to this statement. Do you agree with it or and explain why?;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: There is only few questions and some of them are just respond to the question. no word limit


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