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Unit 7 Assignment: Dyslexia Dropbox Alice is a 8 year old attending public school In Monroe County.




Unit 7 Assignment: Dyslexia Dropbox Alice is a 8 year old attending public school In Monroe County. Every morning Alice thinks of a variety of ways to avoid going to school. This battle has been going on ever since she started school. Her mother has to walk her to school every day to ensure she goes into the classroom. Alice always sits at the back of the class, slouches on her chair and daydreams. She often has her books on her desk, unopened, as she feels confused looking at the letters ?jumping around? on the pages. Alice is convinced that she is beyond hope. Her teacher and classmates have subtly labeled her as ?stupid.? She dreads English and will put her head down and slide further down her chair, hoping the teacher will not notice her. When asked to read aloud she freezes in her seat, perspires profusely and stammers as she tried to make out the words. The class often laughs at her when she tries. The only activity she looks forward to is music as she feels confident when she gets to play the piano in front of the class.;In her progress report, Alice?s teacher has made the following comments;? Alice often reversed both letters and numbers on assignments.;? Alice exhibits great difficult with reading and spelling.;? Alice draws aimlessly in her textbook, worksheets and assignments during lessons. Alice doesn?t seem interested in the class. She yawns and always looks tired.;? Alice finds copying from the board very frustrating. She states that she looks at a word on the board and then looks down to write it. When she looks up again to write the next word, she can't find where she was in the note and spends tremendous amounts of time searching the whole board for it.;? Alice copies her classmates? work instead of trying to complete the homework herself.;? Even with additional individual time with me during recess and after school there is hardly any improvement.;? Alice?s work appears slip-shod and I have difficulty make out her writing despite giving her many writing exercises.;? Alice is indifferent to correction and I often cannot tell whether or not she understands concepts.;? For her own good, I recommend she attend out of school tutoring for additional support.;? She may also need testing to ensure this is the proper placement for Alice.;On this recommendation Alice?s parents have brought her to you for ideas as how to aid her in improving in the classroom. Answer the following questions;1. Research and explain accommodations that could benefit Alice in the classroom for the following subjects: Reading, Writing & Math.;2. What accommodations should be made in order for Alice to be successful when testing?;3. How is the use of technology both a benefit and a hindrance to a student with dyslexia?;4. As homework is important, how might the teacher and parents approach homework so Alice can find it beneficial and helpful?;5. What do the Florida educational guidelines say about accommodations in the classroom for children suffering from dyslexia or another learning disorder?;400 Words Minimum. Utilization of APA formatting required.


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